Introducing: The most elite system in the world to sculpt your silhouette

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The Fitness Model in You - How to quickly get an athletic body and sculpted abs with a series of 27-minute intense workout sessions

(Without miracle pill or diets)

Did you know that 95% of diets fail. 9 persons out of 10 won’t succeed in losing weight or will sooner or later put back up on the lost kilos. What could make you fail your fitness program? What can you do to be on the side of the 5% that succeed?

Miss Bikinis and Mens Physique finally reveal their hidden secrets, Proven Formula, 100% guarantee

The bikini/physique revolution. How to invest only 27 minutes per intense workout sessions, get a sublime silhouette and get the body of a model. Have you already ask yourself how do movie stars do to obtain a spectacular body in a record time?

Have you already ask yourself why your efforts are not paying off? Are you stuck at the same weight for years?

I perfectly understand

You tried it all, I know. You have certainly received the opinion and free advices of many so-called experts (who usually should be worth what you've paid for) but it actually generated more confusion than certainty, in your mind, when it comes to your physical form and you do not know where to turn to anymore… Don’t you worry. That is exactly why I’m here, I am bringing reinforcement!

The most elite system in the world to sculpt your silhouette

You could go read ALL the books related to the subject and spend HOURS interviewing the gurus of this field, and go try it, that’s how I first did it, but this took many long years of hard work.


You can simply read this short report which compresses everything I learned about bikini and physique models training techniques, in only few minutes of reading.

I know exactly what it is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I was myself complexed by my frail physique for a long time. I had low self-esteem. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I had the impression that my physique was the only thing people would see when I was talking to them. I was looking at the school football team members while fantasizing about what life would be if I had a body like theirs. I rarely looked people in the eyes. The clothes in my wardrobe were chosen in function of my looks, in order to hide my complexes as well as I could. Until the day I decided to change my life.

It took me 6 years of training in order to start seeing changes on my body. If I had known then what I know today after following the many trainings and mentorships I received, I would certainly have reached the same results in only few months instead of a few years. This is why I wish to share my knowledge.

This change of course will completely change your reality. People won't look at you the same way and will give you more respect. As per my personal experience, having an athletic body has completely changed my life! A universe of opportunities has opened up to me. I even became a model; never in my wildest fantasies have I even dreamed about accomplishing that! I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and this new confidence I have transformed the energy I transmit to people, it is felt in everything I undertake.

Since then, I decided to use my own experience and mastery in this field, to help hundreds of people transform their physical form by establishing this proven system. I started this project not for money, but to come to the aid of as many people as possible, so they won’t have to feel as I once did anymore. My goal is to share my expertise with you so that one day, you will become the source of inspiration to your loved ones. Hey, I am still that kid that dreams of changing the world, one person at the time. I am only asking for a simple commitment from you: take the first step. You will see that the second will be much easier!

- Randy Simons

Here an overview of what you will discover…

  • BUILD YOUR PATH TO YOUR DREAM BODY - An easy to read, step‐by‐step guide to create the physique and the life you want. Including a detailed action plan for each day, week, and month.
  • TOOLS - You will receive the necessary appliances you need to keep you on track and moving towards your goals & dream physique.

I Can’t Take All The Credit For This System

I consulted a countless variety of individuals that have the required qualifications when it comes to fitness plans, I have read everything there was to read about the subject AND incorporated my personal experiences. About 1500 hours were dedicated to this project. I am definitely convinced that this system is the best one you will find. It is simple, easy to assimilate, so you can quickly integrate this information.

If You Follow This System YOU WILL….

  • Learn how to develop a winning motivation and a winner`s mindset.
  • Notice improvements in your body, in just weeks!
  • Have a fitness model body.
  • Speed up your metabolism and burn fat daily.
  • Set goals that will inspire you and influence people around you.
  • Think positive about yourself and your fitness goals.
  • Learn about what style of exercising works best for you.
  • Learn how to count your macronutrients.
  • Learn which supplements will benefit you and keep your body anabolic.
  • Get rid of stubborn weight without the cravings!

Here Is Proof

I have helped thousands of people to achieve their dream physique. Now I want to share what I’ve learned and help people throughout the world.

Impressive Results

After the birth of my first child, I couldn't seem to find a way to get my body back. I would not look at myself the way I use too. It would even cause tension between me and my husband. When I finally followed the step-by-step guidelines of The fitness model in you, I finally learned how to get back to the physical form I use to have in even better. This ebook has helped me follow up on my evolution. I am now capable of pushing myself further than ever when it comes to my workout and fitness results.

Judy 31
Impressive Results

I have always struggled with my physique. Hoping to find the solution to improve my silhouette, I tried many nutrition plans and workout routines. Somehow, I would always end up losing my motivation to finally go back to where I had started. The Fitness model in you has really helped me focus since I actually had my WHY written down. The objective sheet would also help me keep track of my evolution which improved my focus on the long run. I have now lost 15 pounds and have the opportunity to lose more thanks to this ebook.

Alexandra 22

Why Only $7

You will only be billed $7 for this report. It is a great and affordable investment for those who make their humble debut in fitness. Compared to a regular fitness program who that usually costs approximately $150.

If you are serious about sculpting your body this year, click on the button below. If you must justify this expense to yourself, skip this step, and have lunch at McDonald's once a week and it is taken care of.

My Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t think it is the best investment you have ever made, send me an email and will happily refund the $7 to you in cash, no question asked.
It is fair enough, isn’t it?

Contact me personally if you are not convinced that this system works

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P.S. Remember, there is real actionable information in this report that you will find in a dozen of books. The system in this report has worked for me and others like you, it is 100% guaranteed so you don’t lose your investment. It is undeniable.

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